On a summer’s night there is nothing better than sitting on some grass, watching the sun go down and eating crisps with good company. (Fashionable company too)! The pink and whites in this outfit just scream “summer” and the casualness of the converse keep it to a laid back style. Felicity sporting this outfit got myself in the mood for summer immediately.

The summeriest of all skirts is a handmade piece from new West End store Love & Squalor. The designer and owner of the store, Rebecca has created one of the best and easiest pieces for summer – a simple circle skirt and Felicity paired it up with a basic H&M dusty pink t-shirt to keep in mind and push the summery colours within her outfit.

Her pink scalloped Cambridge Satchel Company bag goes perfectly with her top and then the touch of red within her Comme Des Garcons converse adds a little touch of a richer colour within her get-up. The red makes the converse stand out and become one of the key pieces of her outfit alongside her skirt and bag.

The whole look reminds me of a nice sunny yet breezy evening just strolling through your local park and plonking your butt down to watch the sun set (obviously with some crisps too)!

The look is so simple to create yet the small details such as her red hearted converse, her pink scalloped bag and her hand-made skirt add a little extra to the outfit and make it more interesting than your usual t-shirt and skirt combo (which you can’t knock but accessories always add something!)

Shop The Look: 

H&M Top

Love & Squalor IG Page (Skirt no longer available but check in store for new creations!)

Comme Des Garcons Converse

Cambridge Satchel Co. Satchel Bag


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