Colourful bottoms have been super popular recently and with the sunshine out, Felicity wanted to show off her ASOS wide-leg ones! Of course they were pink and of course a stripy t-shirt was involed!

Pictured above is Felicity sporting her pink wide leg culottes, a basic stripy t-shirt and some white converse. A simple look that some would call a “walk in the park” to style (photos were taken in a park – it’s a really good joke!)

Colourful trousers being the in-thing recently have allowed so many people to become more confident with their dress sense. Adding colour to the bottom as well as the top has enabled people to properly dress how they would like, adding colour when and where they can! The simple stripy t-shirt on top makes for a rather French look and although you can’t quite see it in the photos, Felicity’s sunglasses have a pink and white gingham print around the lenses – something small to tie the pink and white together!

White converse dress the look down and make for the perfect footwear for a day of walking and shopping and the comfort of the culottes and stripy t-shirt allow you to be confident yet comfy!

The stripy t-shirt was purchased from a new shop opened up just 2 weeks ago in the West End of Glasgow. The shop is called “Love & Squalor” and features hand-made clothes, clogs, stripy t-shirts and the loveliest shop-owner you could imagine!


Photograph taken by Felicity Coyle

Rebecca has designed and hand-made her own line of clothes for her shop, ranging from jumpsuits and dresses to wide-leg culottes (just like Felicity’s) and peplum tops! The line is called “Love & Squalor” just like the shop and as well as her own line of clothes, Rebecca has a line of stripy t-shirts for sale from the brand Club De Mer and a beautiful range of clogs from Lotta from Stockholm clog company!

The clothes and shoes on offer at Love & Squalor will add something unique and different to your wardrobe as well as offer support for an outstanding Glasgow local business!

To visit the shop, go to: 427 Great Western Rd, Kelvinbridge, G4 9JA

OR visit the Instagram at: Love & Squalor Instagram for an inside look at what’s on offer!

Shop the Look:

Top: Love & Squalor Stockist

Trousers: ASOS Wide Leg Pink TrousersASOS Wide Leg Pink Trousers

Shoes: Converse All White

Sunglasses: Vintage Fair


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