Yet another outfit with stripes involved but is it really the worst thing? This look seems super simple (and it is) however the small details of the items really make it stand out as being more than just an all black ensemble.

Due to the outfit being all black, Felicity decided to add some colour to it through accessories – red bag, white sunnies and her usual silver jewellery. The stripy top remains unseen until you remove the jumper of course however the jumper itself is pretty different to your usual black jumper. The bow on the back adds a little surprise and cuteness to the outfit and paired up with some black jeans and her Adidas Gazelles, it looks like one of the cosiest and comfiest outfits ever.

The stripy top underneath the jumper is just a little extra in case it’s a lot warmer than you expected and tucking it into the jeans makes the whole ensemble look that little bit smarter. Adding a belt is a small detail however it does bring attention to your hips and waist and finishes off the outfit very well.

The sunglasses worked perfectly here (mainly because the sun was out) however on a colder and duller day, chucking on a black coat/jacket would most definitely not clash and ensure you’re nice and toasty too!

Overall, using some of the simplest colours known to fashion can work in making an entire outfit and adding small details such as the jumper having a back bow or a bright red bag will really make it stand out.

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Top: (similar – 


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