Comme Des Garҫons is one of the most popular companies within fashion, known for their almost minimalistic designs using various colours and sizes of the heart embroidery below. Pairing these items up can be one of the simplest choices you make as the block colours of the tops created go with almost anything!


Paired with the top is a simple gingham print pencil skirt. The black and white of the skirt goes perfectly with the black of the top and the slight touch of colour comes from the red of the heart in the Comme Des Garcons logo.

Everything about this outfit is so simple, using black as the main colour. Even though it’s simply a comfy pencil skirt and t-shirt, it looks extremely smart and professional and therefore would be perfect for during the day and night outs/dinners. The only other colours used within the outfit is the white in the patterned skirt and the red from the t-shirt logo therefore pushing these two items to be the first things you notice when you look at it.

As well as sporting a long black coat with the outfit- just to add to the professional look, another great way of having it stand out more is to add some pins to the lapels of it. Small details such as this can really bring people’s attention to it and the amount of nice pins you can find on small business store Etsy pages is unbelievable! Felicity’s pins are made up of Gilmore Girls, a small camera and some from the accessories company Stay Home Club . They just manage to add some personality to your smart outfit!

Chucking on some simple black chelsea boots with this finally completes the outfit and makes being professional super comfy!

Shop the look:




 Jacket: Monki Coat: similar –

Accessories: Tights + Pins on coat


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