Stripes are all you need in your wardrobe. They go with anything, everything and are perfect for a chilled out Saturday. Especially one spent galivating through Merchant City.

This outfit almost radiates joy and happiness – 50% from the bright colours and 50% from the smiling face due to the sun appearing! The red stripes really shine through as being the key item within this outfit and tucking it into those light denim jeans gives it a finished and together look!

Adding in the confident, round framed brown sunglasses adds a retro feel to it and brings out the brown of the backpack used. On her feet, Felicity is sporting some all white converse to keep with the bright and loud colours used within the outfit and therefore bases all of her accessories on a dark brown in order to keep the eye trained on the brightness of the clothing and contrast with the accessories.

Not only is this outfit lovely to look at – it’s also super practical and comfy for those lazy Saturdays spent wandering through the shops. The backpack makes it easier to hold and transport all of your necessary belongings without feeling too tilted on one side due to using a handbag or tote bag!

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Bag: (Vintage) (similar:|39786588603|aud-108719242581:pla-295088850402&gclid=Cj0KEQjwicfHBRCh6KaMp4-asKgBEiQA8GH2x3vUMjaR5toBLsSrKDj2V6N2QxB8TYf7MlRKHkhEpIUaAmEs8P8HAQ



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