Scallops & Summery Skirts

On a summer’s night there is nothing better than sitting on some grass, watching the sun go down and eating crisps with good company. (Fashionable company too)! The pink and whites in this outfit just scream “summer” and the casualness of the converse keep it to a laid back style. Felicity sporting this outfit got myself in the mood for summer immediately.

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A Fashionable Love

A love for fashion sense, a love for each other and a love for each other’s fashion sense. It’s a beautiful thing to see. These two manage to make themselves one of the most fashionable couples in Glasgow and are probably equal messes when it comes to shopping however it worked perfectly for this post!

Felicity and Liam are a couple and a good looking one at that – the two have spectacular style and managed to put together some of the nicest outfits for their sunny date. Sporting sunnies, smiles and double denim (Well done Felicity!)

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